E-Commerce Solutions 2017: Your Ultimate Guide to Shipping and Fulfillment

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Defining your shipping goals and strategies are important to achieve a successful online business. There are several areas you need to focus on increasing your revenue or sales using shipping options or promotions, and these include increasing conversions, increasing ADV or average order value, expanding your market or target audience, decreasing costs, and improving an efficiency of operations. Now let us discuss these areas in detail and find out how these can affect your shipping and fulfillment, and more importantly the success of your online business.

In order to increase conversions, you have to meet with your marketing team and discuss how you can meet the expectations of your customers when it comes to shipping rates and ecommerce shipping solutions options, and how these would affect your conversion rate. In order to identify what shipping option, rates or promotion increases conversion, A/B testing must be done. Heat mapping can help a lot to see your site and offers to base on your customers’ perspective or point of view. You can increase average order value by offering shipping promotions such as free expedited shipping at a certain price ceiling, free shipping thresholds or flat rate shipping on high-profit items. Your web design and development team can implement notifications for your customers to see the shipping promotion clearly such as sending a notification of free shipping if a certain customer reaches $50 or more on his shopping cart. You can either expand your target audience or your market by offering to ship to new areas or new customers that could not previously access your products, say, by offering international shipping or other alternate shipping options like local delivery or in-store pickup. Work with your marketing team and customer support to promote these new offerings and be sure to monitor or track its success.

One way to actually get a good deal with e-commerce shipping companies to improve your shipping offers is having a tight partnership with them. Contact their customer support and find out ways to create and establish a partnership as carriers have alternate shipping services that can help cut down the costs while ensuring that your customers still receive a high level of service. In order to improve operational efficiency, your fulfillment team must be given the right information about promotions and shipping options so they can make better decisions on how to best pick, pack and ship orders. Visit your fulfillment site to check if unnecessary manual steps can be eliminated.

For more facts and information regarding ecommerce shipping, you can go to http://itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/E-commerce_site.


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