E-Commerce Shipping and Fulfillment Guide 2017


One of the major factors to grow your business online is setting up an effective and efficient e-commerce shipping strategy. This is one aspect that online consumers take into consideration as well aside from product quality and customer support. While free shipping is an effective strategy for many companies, the most successful online sellers use strategic shipping and delivery options to make a difference among their competitors and to increase their margins. Whether domestic or international shipping, it is always good to have a dedicated team to actually design, implement and evaluate shipping strategies of your organization. It requires proper coordination of multiple teams, all the way from your marketing or advertising team to your shipment fulfillment team among others.

Identify the right people to help you make smart decisions for your business, bringing into the picture the right stakeholders within your company. When talking to your marketing team, it is important to ask them about their plan on how to communicate shipping promotions to your customers such as flat rate or free shipping and find out if these are effective strategies in drawing people to your site and if it increases orders. How often can a shipping promotion run while margins are maintained? Do you need a marketing automation software? Does it make sense offering shipping promotion for your products with high abandoned shopping cart rate? If you want to learn more about ecommerce shipping, you can visit http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/british/e-commerce.

On the other hand, your web design and development team must ensure that customers are able to see the right shipping options in the right location of your web page at the right time, offering them clearly to your customers. How can you better personalize shipping options to site visitors (via login, IP address)? What shipping options or offers appeal most to your customers? For your international fulfillment team, they should make sure that orders are picked, properly packed and accurately shipped on time no matter what options your customers choose. Are all labels clearly marked? Will new shipping options or promotions cause slowdowns in your operation? For your customer service to be able to answer customer questions effectively, they should be made aware of your approach when it comes to shipping. How will you handle a customer complaining of bad shipping experience?

You need to define your shipping goals and strategies. Get customer feedback and take them positively to improve your service. If you are looking for ecommerce shipping solutions, we can help you out with that.


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